Embracing the B Corp Journey: A Guide to Amplifying Your Impact Post-Certification

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Welcome to the B Corp family where your impact journey continues. As a fellow B Corp, we at Campfire are overjoyed to welcome you to this vibrant community of change-makers. Congratulations on achieving B Corp certification! This remarkable milestone reflects your company’s steadfast dedication to social and environmental excellence. Your journey to this point is […]

Marketing with Meaning: A Step-by-Step Audit to Infuse Purpose into Your Strategy

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In a world where consumers are not just buying products but investing in values, purpose-driven marketing has emerged as a transformative force. Today’s customers seek more than just quality and convenience—they want to connect with brands that stand for something meaningful.  As businesses strive to convey their commitment to a higher purpose, it’s not only […]

5 Tips for Starting Your B Corp Certification Journey

The path to becoming a B Corporation is as rewarding as it is challenging. It’s a journey that reshapes the very core of your business, aligning profit with purpose to create a positive impact on society and the environment. To help you navigate this transformative process, our Impact Consulting Team has outlined five essential steps […]

Remembering September 11th on the 20 Year Anniversary

Benn Marine · Larry Vine & Allison Blackstone Reflect on 9/11 Twenty years since 9/11. How surreal is this feeling? It’s unbelievable to think an event still so fresh in our minds could have happened two decades ago. Larry Vine was there that day. He remembers the disbelief and fear, the panicked crowds, and the deafening silence […]