Impact Consulting

From certifying your commitment through B Corp to integrating insights into strategic marketing, we help you weave purpose seamlessly into your organization’s fabric

In a world where defining a purpose is no longer optional, many companies stand at the cusp of transformation.


Yet, simply having a purpose isn’t enough; it’s about bringing that purpose to life in every facet of your organization.

As a certified B Corp with roots in media and communications, we help companies breathe life into their purpose, transforming it into impactful strategies and meaningful customer interactions. Our strength lies in integrating human insights with your unique purpose to create tangible business outcomes, ensuring your mission is more than words—it’s a lived experience.

Our Impact Services

B Corp Certification

Conserve valuable resources and accelerate your path to B Corp Certification with guidance from our seasoned impact strategists.

Impact Strategy

Uncover and articulate your company's purpose with tailored tools and strategies designed to integrate your mission into every facet of your organization.

Brand Messaging

Translate your brand's purpose into compelling brand narratives that engage, inspire, and motivate action.

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Responsibly Different

Responsibly Different™ is Campfire’s open diary on our journey towards being a socially and environmentally responsible consultancy. As a B Corp and 1% For the Planet member, we celebrate our interdependence, sharing insights and stories to uplift everyone in their mission for meaningful change.

Redefining Impact: Our 2023 Impact Report
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