Our Evolution into Campfire Consulting: A New Chapter in Purpose-Driven Branding

By Chris Marine

In a strategic move that reflects growth, expansion, and an unwavering commitment to purpose-driven branding, our team is thrilled to announce its evolution into Campfire Consulting.

Our journey as Dirigo Collective, a name inspired by the Latin for ‘I lead’ and a nod to Maine’s state flag, and the idea that strength comes from unity, has evolved. Dirigo Collective has not only ignited a network of connections across the nation but has also expanded its footprint globally. The transition to Campfire Consulting represents a significant milestone in the company’s journey, symbolizing a commitment to connecting impactful brands with value-driven consumers and fostering purposeful partnerships that uplift communities worldwide.

The Significance of Campfire Consulting

To us, Campfire Consulting signifies more than a change in name; it encapsulates the company’s dedication to sparking stories, inspiring collaborations, and guiding businesses towards responsible and impactful media investments. The metaphor of a campfire is intentional, representing a space where ideas are ignited, stories are shared, and communities unite.

Campfire Consulting marks a broader spectrum of marketing and business consulting services, building upon Dirigo Collective’s strong foundation. Despite this evolution, the core commitment to exceptional service and expertise remains unwavering. The rebrand reflects a deeper dedication to fostering a culture of sustainable growth, shared values, and impactful partnerships.

What to Expect

Existing clients and partners can expect continuity in service with the added benefit of an expanded suite of offerings. The transition will not disrupt current partnerships, and all communication channels remain unchanged. Campfire Consulting is poised to continue leading businesses towards impactful and responsible media, marketing, and impact investments.

This new identity represents the breadth of our work beyond paid media consulting, embracing impact consulting, content development, and strategic ideas that span various industries.

While Dirigo Collective will remain as our foundation, supporting ventures beyond our consulting services, we invite you to join us at Campfire Consulting.

Join Us Around the Campfire

Campfire Consulting invites clients, partners, and the wider community to explore the redefined identity and to join us around the campfire as we continue to inspire impactful narratives, spark collaborations, and build a brighter future together.

Ready to Ignite Your Own Brand's Potential?

Are you looking to evolve your brand, just as we have? Campfire Consulting is here to guide you through the journey. Contact us today to discover how our expertise in purpose-driven branding and strategic storytelling can transform your organization’s impact. Let’s create a legacy together – one story at a time.


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