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Where strategic storytelling meets purpose-driven engagement

Campfire Consulting is a trailblazing marketing and impact consulting firm dedicated to igniting the bond between brands and their audiences. With a focus on authentic storytelling, strategic alignment, and purpose-driven action, we empower organizations to turn brand stories into impactful experiences that both resonate and endure.

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Envisioning a world where businesses become beacons of positive change, Campfire stokes the flames of innovation, authentic storytelling, and collective action. Our commitment lies in guiding our partners towards meaningful success, shaping a tomorrow where every venture contributes to a better world.


Stories at the heart of strategy

At Campfire Consulting, we believe that true engagement begins with understanding. Our approach intertwines in-depth audience research with the art of storytelling, creating a powerful alchemy that transforms standard marketing into memorable experiences. We delve deep, uncovering what resonates with your audience, turning insights into narratives that not only capture attention but also evoke emotion and action. This method isn’t just about telling stories; it’s about creating journeys that bridge brands with their audiences, fostering connections that are as authentic as they are impactful. With us, storytelling becomes a strategic tool, one that elevates brands and drives tangible market success.

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Our People

Chris Marine

CEO & Founder

David Gogel


Alison Grenn

VP, Marketing & Ops

Gaby Carmichael

Sr. Director, Strategy & Planning

Pip Kolmar

Director of Operations

Benn Marine

Director of Social & Environmental Impact

Kelly Gadsby

Senior Account Manager

Brittany Angelo

Impact Strategist

Amanda Olmsted

Media Project Coordinator

The Values

we gather around

Leave it better

than you found it

We're committed to enriching the world around us, creating a lasting legacy through respect for people and the planet.

Wade confidently

through muddy waters

Every obstacle is an opportunity for action. We transform challenges into progress with determination and adaptability.

Stoke the flames

of curiosity

Our pursuit of knowledge drives us. We delve into the depths of inquiry to spark innovation and forge authentic connections.

Climb higher


Together, we achieve more. Our strength lies in collaboration, ensuring collective efforts lead to shared success.


unique stories

We honor every unique story. In valuing diverse perspectives, we weave a richer, more resonant narrative.

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Whether you’re looking to reshape your brand narrative, connect more deeply with your audience, or redefine your place in the market, Campfire Consulting is here to light the way. Drop us a line, and let’s turn your brand story into a beacon of success and engagement.