Unlocking Growth: Strategic Content + Sales Program for ReadyRFx Procurement Product

We engaged with Counterpoint to help expand the reach of ReadyRFx, a cutting-edge procurement product originally tailored for the banking sector. Our approach involved in-depth customer research, the creation of strategic personas, curated lists, and the implementation of a targeted sales program. We crafted compelling content to fuel this sales initiative, to ultimately support client expansion and help solidfy ReadyRFx’s position as a preferred solution in the competitive procurement landscape.

Background & Goals

ReadyRFx began as a custom product developed for a specific global entity. Counterpoint saw the opportunity to expand the use of the software’s foundation to other clients and industries. They came to Campfire for strategic insight on market landscape and prioritization, and trusted us to execute the strategy that would help them expand ReadyRFx’s footprint. 

Identifying the primary audience

To cater to diverse industries such as municipalities, education, nonprofits, cosmetics, and healthcare, we created the key persona Procurement Paul(a). This persona encapsulates the specific challenges and priorities of procurement professionals in each sector. For municipalities, Paul(a) focuses on cost-efficiency and regulatory compliance. In education, the persona emphasizes budget constraints and system integration. For nonprofits, transparency and impact measurement are key. In cosmetics, Paul(a) prioritizes supplier diversity and sustainability. In healthcare, the persona addresses regulatory requirements and patient safety. Crafting this versatile persona ensured that ReadyRFx aligned with industry-specific needs, facilitating targeted marketing and client engagement.

Creating the right market position

Recognizing the top priorities such as identifying cost savings, managing/mitigating supply risk, and driving digital transformation, Campfire strategically positioned ReadyRFx as the launchpad to digital transformation while addressing risk and cost challenges. Leveraging strengths in no code, low investment, minimal training, and easy automation, ReadyRFx offers a cost-effective solution ideal for compliance-focused industries. Our messaging strategy emphasizes initial similarities in value communication for government and education, gradually customizing as prospects progress through the funnel with tailored content and references, ensuring a targeted approach throughout the customer journey.

Crafting a content and outreach program

Campfire developed a content program aligned with ReadyRFx’s strategic positioning as a digital transformation solution. The program included:

  1. Awareness Stage: At the awareness stage, Campfire created engaging and informative content such as introduction videos, blog posts, and social media content highlighting ReadyRFx’s value proposition as a cost-effective solution for industries prioritizing compliance and risk reduction. This content aimed to attract the attention of prospects and generate initial interest in the platform.
  2. Consideration Stage: Campfire produced more in-depth content such as case studies, whitepapers, and industry-specific reports showcasing ReadyRFx’s success stories and its impact on improving procurement processes and driving digital transformation. This content was tailored to address specific pain points and challenges faced by prospects in government, education, and other sectors.
  3. Decision Stage: These emails were personalized based on the prospect’s industry, highlighting relevant case studies, testimonials, and references to demonstrate the tangible benefits of implementing ReadyRFx. The emails also included compelling call-to-action elements to encourage prospects to schedule demos or consultations with Counterpoint’s sales team, ultimately driving conversions and customer acquisition.

This integrated approach targeted prospects throughout the buyer’s journey, engaging them effectively and supporting Counterpoint’s sales efforts.

A sneak peek at our content program:

ReadyRFx Proves Game Changer for Global NGO

Preview this latest case study developed by Campfire for Counterpoint, showcasing how a global NGO harnessed the power of ReadyRFx, Counterpoint's procurement product.

Unleash Digital Transformation to Solve Procurement Challenges

This eBook developed by Campfire for Counterpoint, uncovers how the procurement industry can overcome common industry challenges by pursuing digital transformation.

Integrating Sustainability and ESG with Ready RFx

Explore our latest podcast episode strategically developed by Campfire for Counterpoint, where Counterpoint President Bill Markmann discusses the future of ethical sourcing with ReadyRFx.
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