Sowing Digital Seeds: Creating a Seamless Social Media Blueprint

Harnessing the power of authentic storytelling, Campfire elevated Coast of Maine’s digital presence with a strategic social media playbook, seamlessly merging organic and paid content.

Background & Goals

Coast of Maine desired a resonant and authentic voice across multiple social channels. Our objective was to devise a comprehensive campaign strategy and social media playbook to serve as the ultimate reference for digital and social postings. This holistic guide would encompass creative plans, social strategy, brand articulation, and tone. An intricate part of this endeavor was integrating influencer strategies, championing user-generated content, and architecting a content calendar to guide postings. The overarching goal was to optimize Coast of Maine’s social presence, paving the way for robust campaigns.

Our Approach

Our journey began with discerning the right social channels for Coast of Maine. Collaborating with paid media ensured an enhanced brand presence across chosen platforms. Central to our strategy was carving a distinctive brand voice and setting the stage for a potent presence in the upcoming growing season.

Our diligence culminated in the creation of an all-encompassing social media playbook – the touchstone guide on the when, where, and what of posting across digital realms. This compass didn’t just lay out creative plans and social strategy; it articulated the brand’s essence, tone, and voice. We interspersed our strategy with influential collaborations, celebrated user-generated content, and outlined a clear content calendar, establishing rhythm and predictability to Coast of Maine’s digital storytelling.

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