Driving brand awareness and consideration around a SaaS based solution to legal contracting for enterprises

Background & Goals

Akorda recognized the necessity of establishing a content studio and a lead generation marketing team to significantly amplify awareness of its platform. The goal was to spark lively conversations about the key pain points in the market while simultaneously showcasing Akorda’s offerings.

To achieve this, the primary focus was on crafting a dynamic marketing strategy that would foster meaningful dialogues surrounding prevailing market challenges. Furthermore, the team was entrusted with building an engaging and impactful email marketing program, crafting persuasive sales collateral, and providing extensive support to bolster the overall effectiveness of Akorda’s lead generation efforts.

The Results

The campaign delivered exceptional outcomes, characterized by a strong emphasis on developing an extensive range of sales collateral meticulously tailored to each stage of the sales funnel. Through the artful creation of persuasive content, Akorda effectively captivated the interest of potential customers and seamlessly guided them along the buyer’s journey. The campaign’s cohesive narrative resonated profoundly with the target audience, effectively conveying Akorda’s distinctive value proposition while adroitly addressing market pain points. As a result, Akorda solidified its position as a prominent thought leader within the industry.

Moreover, the implementation of a well-structured email marketing program played a significant role in heightening awareness and driving an upsurge in deal flow. The collaborative synergy between the content studio and lead generation marketing team proved instrumental in the campaign’s overall triumph, leading to heightened brand visibility, improved lead generation, and expanded business opportunities for Akorda.

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