Aroma Joe's: A Strategy for Measurable Buzz

Aroma Joe’s, celebrated for its artisanal, ethically sourced coffee and delightful customer interactions, holds a prominent position as a franchise with over 100 thriving locations. For the past four years, Aroma Joe’s has partnered with Campfire as its primary media strategist.

In line with the quest common among Quick-Service Restaurants (QSRs) tapping into emerging markets, Aroma Joe’s sought to tackle the complex task of quantifying the impact of its awareness-based campaigns.

Background & Goals

As Aroma Joe’s expands into emerging markets across the United States, Campfire has forged a close partnership to bolster awareness in these dynamic regions. Implementing a distinctive media strategy, Campfire harmonizes Aroma Joe’s product calendar and campaign schedule while integrating a diverse array of digital channels including programmatic audio, mobile display, and app-store campaigns, alongside paid social media initiatives. Through this strategic blend, Aroma Joe’s has effectively heightened brand awareness, favorability, consideration, and recommendation likelihood, showcasing significant improvements among reached users compared to unreached counterparts.


increase in awareness

The significant rise in awareness indicates that our creative messaging successfully captured the attention and awareness of our target audience.


increase in favorability

Favorability measures a user's likelihood to favor Aroma Joe's over another QSR coffee brand. 


increase in recommendation

Measures a user's likelihood to recommend Aroma Joe's. The control group measuring those who had not seen ads, the exposed group a group of users who have seen Aroma Joe's ads.

Campfire has been an amazing partner since 2019 and a key part of our growth. They bring best in class thinking in a collaborative environment which has made us a stronger marketing department. We also benefit greatly from their analytical platform which helps us articulate the resonance to our key stakeholders which can always be a business challenge.

Caroline Riley, CMO

Media Tactics

We support Aroma Joe’s through the continuous implementation of a comprehensive media strategy to bolster brand awareness and drive customer acquisition. Leveraging Programmatic ads, Google Ads, and Meta platforms, Aroma Joe’s benefits from continuous brand visibility amidst fierce competition in the coffee industry. Geo-targeted awareness campaigns are deployed around all coffee hut locations, with an expanded radius and bundling of locations in rural areas to reach a larger population. As new locations are added, the geographic reach of the campaigns expands accordingly.

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