Crafting Excellence: Allagash Brewing's Strategy for Retail Expansion

At the forefront of the dynamic craft brewing industry, Allagash Brewing Company has made a name for itself with its acclaimed Allagash White. In a market where excellence is expected, Allagash stands apart through relentless innovation and creativity. Our challenge was to leverage these strengths, enhancing Allagash’s presence and expanding its reach. We embarked on a journey to not just showcase their flagship product but to embed the brand deeply into the hearts of beer enthusiasts.

Media Tactics

In charting Allagash Brewing’s media strategy, our focus was on transcending conventional digital campaigns. We aimed to craft unique brand opportunities, resonating deeply with target audiences, whether they were long-time enthusiasts or new to the Allagash experience.

Tailored Promotions & Brand Messaging

In new markets, we deployed a mix of channels to effectively communicate the broader brand story, enhancing awareness and appeal.

Agile Audience Targeting

We fine-tuned our target audience for each promotion, leveraging a mix of retail shopper data and competitive conquesting to ensure precision in reaching potential customers.

Strategic Media Investments

Our media strategy encompassed digital, social, and select local broadcast channels, providing a comprehensive and efficient expansion of reach for special events and promotions.

Impactful Outcomes

Our strategic media efforts for Allagash Brewing Company led to impressive and tangible results, redefining their reach and impact in the craft brewing market:

Increased Brand Visibility Across Channels

Our diverse media strategy amplified Allagash's presence from bustling cityscapes to digital marketplaces, ensuring wide-reaching audience engagement.

Significant E-Commerce Conversion Growth

The success of our click-to-cart initiatives exceeded industry benchmarks, demonstrating our capability to transform ad engagements into actual sales.

Increased Purchase Intent and Brand Awareness

Strategic collaborations with data analytics experts provided deep audience insights, leading to a measurable increase in purchase intent and a heightened brand profile among key demographics.

Cost-Effective Media Investments

We not only broadened Allagash's reach but also optimized our media spending, achieving greater impact per dollar and enhancing the brand’s overall market influence.

I've had the pleasure of working alongside the team at Campfire for 4 years now and am so grateful for the media partnership and guidance they've provided our team here at Allagash. As a fellow BCorp, we share a desire to advertise to our target audience in meaningful, impactful and authentic ways and Campfire has brought us so many opportunities to do just that successfully over the years. We've learned a lot from them as the media landscape continues to change and are appreciative that they push us to expand our understanding of the market and how Allagash can meet its consumers.

Liz Wilson, Marketing Manager

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