Hisense Tunes in to Big Impressions

The renowned global marketing consultancy firm Intermarketing Agency (now Ima Home) partnered with Campfire to navigate the complex media landscape and execute cross-channel media campaigns for their brands, including the esteemed electronics brand Hisense.

With a clear target audience in mind, Ima engaged DC Media to make a regional and national impact. After reviewing various media channels such as broadcast television, cable, radio, digital, social, and print, we developed a strategic digital approach across influential publications.


Background & Goals

Hisense Television’s inaugural national campaign faced the challenge of a limited budget, necessitating a strategic response plan that surpassed the scope of a typical broad awareness campaign. In response, we conducted a comprehensive analysis of competitor media investment patterns throughout the year, correlating this data with online viewer attention metrics. This meticulous approach enabled us to identify areas of opportunity characterized by lighter competitive presence, allowing us to optimize every dollar spent.

To maximize their media budget for Connected Television (CTV/OTT), we went beyond basic demographic targeting and delved deeper into understanding their audience. By leveraging a combination of social behavior, site-search, and in-market shopper data, we provided Hisense Television with an enhanced understanding of their target consumers. This ensured that our media efforts were precisely targeted to reach the right individuals at the most opportune moments. By eliminating underperforming audiences, we successfully scaled their media presence, extending into markets with lower awareness but higher buying propensity.

Creative: Intermarketing Agency (Ima Home). Media strategy and planning: Campfire

The Results

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