Celebrating Pride: Insights and Advice from Campfire Consulting’s Director of Impact

In honor of Pride Month, we sat down with Campfire’s Director of Impact Benn Marine to discuss the significance of Pride, the challenges and triumphs of being a trans individual in today’s world, and how businesses can genuinely support and uplift the LGBTQ+ community. With years of experience in advocacy and impact consulting, Benn shares valuable insights and practical advice on fostering inclusivity, avoiding performance activism, and making a real difference through meaningful actions.

Leading with Purpose: 5 Corporate Impact Initiatives Gaining Momentum

Quick-Services Restaurants (QSRs) are built on a foundation of anticipating and fulfilling customer desires, and minimizing any obstacles between the customer and their desired experience. All in all, the customer experience is at the forefront of QSR priorities. But the customer experience doesn’t start and stop in the drive-thru lane – like most of our world, it’s gone digital. 

Redefining Impact: Our 2023 Impact Report
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